LEORY RC Combat Robot w/Voice Control Intelligents

LEORY RC Combat Robot w/Voice Control Intelligents

  • $189.14

Every child should have his own robot

Brand Name: Leory

Colors: Black & White

1. The whole shape is close to the modern robot and belongs to the angle-free design. The safety considerations are quite appropriate.
2. Use the built-in lithium battery, charge the design, do not need to use the battery, save the battery costs.
3.Function of the robot are more comprehensive, fighting, voice interaction, singing and dancing, storytelling all can, very cost-effective.
This robot has a lot of skills, increasing the interaction of toys, not only children love, play with their parents can increase the interactive space for each other, enjoy the fun together.

1. Sliding mode can switch fast and slow gear.
2. Walking mode can be switched between speed and slow.
3. Combat, demonstration, programming, missile launch, popular science, dancing, stories, speaking English, songs.
4. Various kinds of fashion mechanical dance string burning, martial arts action free programming, multiple combat mode, arm reserve combat missile, eye LED flash search