2018 New Original Kamry Micro E-Cig

  • $19.40

1. Kamry Micro pen can vape automatically with the airflow induction.

LED light indicates the working status in real-time: gradually brightening and darkening, simulated the cigarette.

2. Coil can be replaced, easy to use.                                                                                       

3. The battery core chip with ASIC design will never be halted.

4. Charging: battery with intelligent charging protection function and using 510 thread wireless USB cable can be recharged through DC5V500MA adaptor, PC port and output DC5V car charger, 2 hours on a full charge.

The LED indicator lights when charging; Lights off when full charging.

5. Protection Function: short circuit protection and low power protection.

6. Strong Anti-interference capability: won’t trigger vape when flinging and falling.

7. Filling: turn upside down the atomizer, screw off the base and slope 30-45°the tank; Fill liquid along the inner wall; Don’t overflow the airway, then screw on the base.

8. To replace coil: turn upside down the atomizer, then screw off the connector. Take out the coil unit from the bottom base, replace with a new one.